Scholarship Essay Contests 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Win in Essay Challenge

Scholarship Essay Contests 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Win in Essay Challenge
Scholarship essay contests are much in demand these days. For some, they are the first step towards a lucrative career, for others the only opportunity to find funds to finance their college education. And since there are a lot of students interested to get as much as $5000 for as little as 200 words, the competition gets tough and merciless.
Sure enough, the best competitors will be able to cut their way through the thickets of scholarship essay contests. If you would like to be one of them, stick to the following sure-fire ways to succeed in an essay challenge. They will help you write an award- winning scholarship essay that has no match.

1. Tune Yourself To The Challenge

As it was previously mentioned, scholarship essay contests are full of competitive spirit and strong ambitions. Thus, they ask for brand- new innovations, unusual approaches and creative thinking. To keep up with the raising standards of essay contests, dont hide behind the previously gained knowledge and hackneyed forms. Challenge yourself to exceed your past standards. Experiment, alter, and bring in something new in your scholarship essay.

2. Clarify Essay Contests Rules and Stick To Them

The first step you should take when writing your scholarship essay is to get as much information on entry rules, paper requirements, and deadlines as possible. As a rule, the necessary information is posted on the companys web site, the side of the package, or on the entry form itself. Simply keep your eyes open.

First, find information on where to send your entry, what forms you must include, and the exact nature of the essay question. Clarify the requirement for the essay paper format and stick to them from the very beginning of essay writing.

Second, put down the deadlines in your calendar or day planner. It will help you keep track of the writing process. One more useful organisation pattern is to include deadlines for topic generation, thesis statement, drafting the outline, the first draft and so on. This way you will never be short of time and will never miss a deadline.

3. Brainstorm Your Ideas

It may sound a little bit strange, but in scholarship essay contests it is the quantity of your essay ideas that really matters, not their quality. Thus, have a one-hour brainstorming session to collect your ideas. Find the most compelling ideas and organise them around a strong and clear thesis statement. With numerous supporting arguments and evidence, your thesis statement will sound more convincing, researched, and well-grounded.

4. Do Your Own Research

It goes without saying, that award winning scholarship essays must have a solid background and the topic investigation behind. Thus, do a lot of readings, deep into the historical importance of your essay topic, think of the true-to- life examples and persuasive arguments. The more proactive you will be, the more chances you will have to succeed!

5. Organize Your Notes

Be sure to attribute quotations and sources meticulously. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism, or excluded from the participants list at the least. Surely, you dont want to suffer such a fate.

6. Make Your Introduction Inviting

The lively, compelling and inviting introduction is crucial for the winners scholarship essay. The introduction must interest the readers and invite them to keep on reading, tantalize and encourage the next step. To achieve this primary goal, use emotions, ask an intriguing question, surprise with an unusual fact. Anything that is uncommon and interesting will do.

7. Present Your Own Experience

One of the alluring ways to interest the readers in your scholarship essay is to focus on how your personal experience has shaped your view on the essay topic. It is a proven way to add an informal and friendly flair to your writing.

8. Fit In the Word Limit

At times it may be difficult to keep within the set word limit. But when taking part in scholarship essay contests, youve got to learn to be eloquent in as little words as possible.

One way to fit in the word limit is to kill the unnecessary adjectives and adverbs. The use of descriptive verbs and nouns is more preferable in this case. But when it is impossible to do without adjectives, make sure they are impressing, strong, and have the greatest influence on readers. 9. Consider Grammar, Spelling and Typography

Surely, it is a run-off-the-mill and annoying piece of advice youve learnt by heart long ago and are tired of hearing for the hundredth time. But, still, dont forget to edit and proofread you essay meticulously. Itll be a pity, if you will not take the major prize for a foolish grammar or spelling mistake.

10. Dont Stop At One Entry

If scholarship essay contests you are going to participate in have no limits on the number of entries an individual may send, take advantage of this loophole and send several different entries. Of course, make sure that your essays will be different and will present various points of view.

Now, you are ready to conquer the world of scholarship essays. With these handy tips you are bound to improve your chances of winning all kinds of scholarship essay contests.

About the Author: Linda Correli is a staff writer for She specializes in writing History, Literature and English essays and book reports, as well as admission essays, personal statements and letters of recommendation.

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