Got The Blues Get A Little Lemon In Your Life

Got The Blues Get A Little Lemon In Your Life
Perhaps you're a user of essential oils, and you really appreciate their incredible array of fantastic health effects. You know that Lavender can help you relax, and Frankincense has impressive immune-system boosting activity. Or maybe you've never used an essential oil at all, and are wondering where to get started? Either way, Lemon oil is practically a requirement for every burgeoning aromatherapy practitioner. Often overlooked by the aromatherapy enthusiast, yet readily available and reasonably-priced, Lemon has a host of uses, some of which are completely unexpected in their profound results for our health.

We've probably all heard of others (or maybe we do it ourselves?) putting Lemon oil in their water -- most folks do it for a bit of flavoring, but there's real medicinal reasons to do this as well. Drinking the essential oil with water has a two-fold effect. The first is purifying the water, not just making it taste better. The second is purifying our bodies. So no matter what you heard that essential oils should never be ingested, this just isn't true. One does need to be very careful, and be very clear as to what they're doing, but certainly lemon is a food in the first place. Here's a better idea of what the actual amount should be, just don't overdo it!

In terms of making the water cleaner, Lemon essential oil is noted to kill Diphtheria bacteria at a 0.2% concentration. This converts to 10 drops in about 8 ounces of water. This is a little bit strong -- a very lemony flavor -- and 5 drops at any one time is a more common amount to consume (unless you feel your water is really in need of purification). The oil is also thought to be an excellent detoxifyer for the liver and the lymph system. For this, add 5 drops to a cup of water and drink on an empty stomach. This can be done first thing in the morning, an excellent time for purification of the body. So you can see, adding a little Lemon to your water is a great idea just for taste, for purification of the water itself, and for personal detoxification -- easy to do and very worthwhile!

Lemon's antiseptic properties make it an excellent choice for skin care for those dealing with oily skin, however, the challenge with the oil is its photo-toxicity. If using for antiseptic skin care effects, it should really only be used on parts of the body not to be exposed to direct sunlight for 48 hours after application. However, a more reasonable skin care application is that for dissolving warts. The oil is mentioned in a number of texts for this purpose; apply a single drop directly on the affected location up to 3 times daily. Frankincense can be used at the same time or interchangeably if desired.

Diffusing cold pressed Lemon essential oil is one of the simplest pick-me-up aromatherapy practices on the planet. The oil, being considered the "highest note in aromatherapy" has an accompanying "high vibration" to go along with it. The aroma is a first choice to clear the mind during those mid-afternoon work doldrums. It's thought to aid in decision making without being over-stimulating. For all these uses, use Lemon alone in either an ultrasonic, fan, or nebulizing diffuser (avoid a "warming" type), and if you want to get a little fancy, mix it with any of the other citrus oils: Bergamot and Sweet Orange will make for a really enjoyable blend.

It's not just an emotional pick-me-up Lemon offers, but one to our calculating brains as well. Research in Japan showed office workers reducing their errors by nearly one-half when inhaling the aroma. The essential oil has been the focus of university research which clearly indicated chemical changes in our gray matter: Lemon essential oil reduces the rate at which acetylcholine is broken down, making more available for use. Acetylcholine is the primary information-processing neurotransmitter -- so whether its from putting a smile on our faces or making more neurotransmitters available, simple lemon oil is a great choice for students when studying, the office environment, or anytime a little mental clarity is called for.

Just a quick look at Lemon oil reveals an amazing diversity of therapeutic actions that we may not have known it had. It's a very worthwhile essential oil with so many uses, it can be the perfect start to those just getting into aromatherapy, or for the long-time practitioner interested in incorporating another oil into their already pleasant-smelling lives!

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