Build Wind Generator--Write It Down And Do It

Build Wind Generator--Write It Down And Do It
Write it down in your "to do" list--build wind generator! Everyone is vitally involved in the move to cut pollution of our atmosphere by slashing the use of fossil fuels. Every day more power generating stations are being built across the USA and in other countries. Unfortunately the great majority of them are fuelled by burning oil or natural gas.

Only about 1% of the power produced in the USA is produced by wind turbines. This is gradually changing with a higher proportion of new power production coming from wind turbines recently. Still this is not nearly enough to stem the ever growing quantities of polluting gases which we pour into the atmosphere.

We have been warned by prominent scientists that we must change our ways and greatly cut down on our reliance on fossil fuels. If we do not do so we will bring about climate changes which will have disastrous effects in many areas.

We are already seeing greatly increased hurricane activity,gigantic forest fires and severe droughts. This can only get worse over time if we continue in our present trend of increasing use of oil,gas and coal. We must find alternative energy sources to produce power and to run our vehicles.

Small wind generators and solar panels are the individual citizens best alternative energy sources.We can all reduce our carbon footprint by making use of them.

We must become proactive in promoting the much needed changes necessary to get away from using fossil fuels. Governments are always slow to take action unless pushed by voters.

Imposing taxes and restrictions on the use of fossil fuels is not popular with a large segment of the population. As a result many politicians are reluctant to take the lead and push to limit the use of oil,gas and coal for power generation. It is up to the individual citizen to lead the way by cutting his use of these fuels.

One way to do this is to build a wind turbine. Individual power production may be small but if many people do it the total effect can be huge over time.

It is possible to build a wind power generator at very low cost. $100 or less will pay for all the parts needed to build your own wind turbine. New or used auto parts are the main components along with some lumber and a few odds and ends.

Building wind power turbines is actually a reasonably easy project. No special tools are required and the average home workshopper will find it quite simple to build a wind turbine. Plans and instructions for building small wind generators are readily available.

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